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I love the way the Outreach Centre feels like one big family and meeting other Moms going through the same things. If you are ever going through being a new Mom, the Outreach Centre is the best place to go, they saved me and told me and showed me everything I didn’t know about being a new Mom.
N.M.Corner Brook, NL
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you give me to come and mingle with other Mom’s, where you were taking care of my daughter and play with other children. This opportunity gives us time to ourselves and connect and it’s very much helpful. My daughter looks toward seeing your bus and is overly excited because she knows she’s going to play!
B.M.Corner Brook, NL
“The Family Outreach Centre is a place where I made some really nice friends and my daughter met some nice people. It’s a place to go if you ever wanna make friends and talk.”
S.J.Corner Brook, NL
“A wonderful support system for Moms of young children. I’m beyond grateful to have this resource and these people here for us. My son has been diagnosed with autism and coming here has been amazing for his growth.”
J.SCorner Brook, NL
“It’s a place which I can call my second home. Because recently I moved from another country. Everything was different for me and my child. By coming over here I found peace, the staff is so caring."
U.H.Corner Brook, NL

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